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Laudencio (Lao) Castro, President and Founder of Lapa Vacations has broad experience in the Travel Industry, with a degree in Tourism and Hotel Management.  He graduated from the University of Costa Rica as well as in Tourism Schools Salzburg – Klesshelm in Austria.

He was honored with an award for “best promoter” by the Costa Rican Government.

Mr. Castro worked for the Costa Rica Ministry of Tourism for many years as Regional Director in the United States.  Lao, Costa Rican native more than 25 years of experience promoting his country.  He would be honored to share his beautiful culture with you.

Lapa Vacations has all the credentials required, experience and motivation to provide all of our travelers with excellent tour packages.  Each trip is designed specifically for our travelers.   Our travelers have the opportunity to be introduced and exposed to endangered habitats, providing each traveler with first hand learning experiences, respect and understanding for the environmental format.

One should have the opportunity to stand on the tip of an active volcano, hike into tropical forests, immerse in a real jungle (where you will watch acrobatic monkeys), admire exotic birds (as brilliant colored Macaws and Toucans)

Costa Rica Pure Life

(Pura Vida)

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